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Why Avadh Hospital?

Why to choose AVADH Diagnostics for your imaging needs?

Imaging plays a crucial role in diagnosing and treating a variety of medical conditions. At AVADH Imaging Centre, radiology experts provide advanced imaging services and collaborate with other specialists to deliver optimal patient care.

AVADH Diagnostics is a comprehensive medical centre, patients receive the added benefit of having their tests or studies interpreted by physicians who specialize in the particular areas of concern. This means that a patient's neurological testing is interpreted by a Neuroradiologist, for an orthopedic problem a muscular skeletal radiologist interprets tests, and so on.

AVADH Diagnostics offers advanced diagnostics. AVADH diagnostics is equipped with the most advanced diagnostic tools available to provide the highest quality care and improved outcomes to its patients. The Imaging Centre offers a full range of diagnostic services, from conventional x-ray to the sophisticated MRI/Computed tomography.

A Picture archiving and communications system (PACS) allows for rapid access to computerized (digital) images at multiple sites for both radiologists and clinicians. High-speed data connections make it possible for images to be transmitted and viewed by physicians off-site, affording the unparalleled ability for the healthcare team to consult.