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About Avadh Hospital


Medical professionals have partnered with institutions to facilitate the progress of medical services in our community. We at AVADH HOSPITAL envisioned a state of the art multi-modality diagnostic facility and multi-super-specialty outpatient clinic. Further sensing the need of competent, innovative, and accessible emergency care services, we expanded our ultramodern diagnostic centre to an acute care hospital with well-equipped CCU, ICCU, cardiac cathlab and ultramodern operation theater for high risk cases.

"Krish Heart Care, a Group of Interventional Cardiology Associates."  containing four cardiologist , Which are part of Avadh Hospital.


Despite certain fiscal and human resources obstacles inherent to such innovative services, we work through these challenges and today, are privileged to crystallize our dream project of an acute care hospital with advanced diagnostic centre in Bapunagar-the heart of eastern Ahmedabad.

In addition to Digital x-ray, O.P.G & Sonography we have installed the much needed latest imaging modalities-the MRI(1.5T Siemens AVANTO) and MDCT scan(128 slice Siemens DEFINATION).To complete the essential but least available imaging services-Mammography and OPG machine have been made available. Our enthusiastic colleagues Dr Hitesh Prajapati and Dr Brijesh Vala who are specialised in MR and CT imagining are eager to communicate their skill for early and accurate diagnosis 24/7.

Dr Brijesh Vala, an experienced pathologist who has served the well-known corporate hospitals, has designed the department of patho-microbiology laboratory medicine. He is working with us to share his knowledge and expertise in the field of investigative modalities like haematology, biochemistry, immunoassay, cytology, culture-sensitivity, fluid analysis, surgical pathology etc.


Meanwhile, we did not miss out an opportunity to incorporate the most desirable and essential service-the department of cardiology. We are proud that the most renowned and experienced team of cardiologists, who pioneered the concept of dedicated cardiology services in our community Dr Hitesh Prajapati and his colleagues Dr Brijesh Vala, will be heading the department of cardiology. The cardiology service at AVADH HOSPITAL includes advanced cardiac cathlab, 2D Echo & CD, TMT, Ambulatory BP monitoring etc. Further endorsing the essence of acute and emergency care, we have equipped our clean room technology designed ICUs with high-end instruments like multipara monitors, ventilators, motorized beds etc. In addition to 24/7 emergency medical services and pharmacy, we have made provision for indoor rooms, ambulance, cafeteria etc.

Your warm wishes and continuous support will encourage us to accomplish our mission.